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A unique Leadership Training and Coaching program that transforms outstanding leaders to positively impact the ones they lead - enabling the best in themselves and others. Each individual steps up in their leadership responsibility as we define teams independently of hierarchies. The program is highly effective in increasing collaboration. It focuses on the individual as well as the team needle movers to work aligned with the bigger picture in mind. The leader experiences an inside as well as outside connection and learns the skills to build trusting relationships. This openness and engagement then ensure that upcoming challenges are utilized as opportunities for growth and innovation.

Why is INSPIRED so important? 

INSPIRED = “In-spirit” with your true self. Being INSPIRED increases your influence in a way that people feel appreciated for their diverse input and love to work with you. When you inspire, people are pulled to be part of your mission. They are engaged to give their personal best to support you. What inspires you becomes your greatest resource for effective collaboration and shared growth.

In the coaching, we find that inspiring spark for you and your team/organization and ignite it. There is nothing to fix. It is to bring forward what is supporting the leader and team you want to be.

And even we risk to sound not business-like enough: We do this together with joy and ease - simply INSPIRED!

Develop the best in yourself and others.
Connected and inspired.
TEAM = Together Everybody Achieves More. 
Collaboration at its best.

A change in leadership is needed

With fast and disruptive change a leader now can not rely on the knowledge that helped him in the past. For a leader of the 21st century, it is impossible to have all the right answers. Instead of control and command, a different leadership style is required. One that helps bring out the best in every individual. One that creates trust and is open for new opportunities. One that co-creates, connects, and seeks change to re-align with what is important now. It is a cross-functional leadership style, where authority does not come from title or hierarchies but is earned with mutual respect while working together. Teams are formed for a common purpose. This means no place for silo-thinking and linking responsibility with titles. Instead, true collaboration counts where everyone takes responsibility with the focus to bring outstanding value to the customer.

 Also, the old definition of success is not working any longer. Companies are losing high potentials because they neglect the human side of work with their focus on facts and figures. This even became more visible with increased digital interaction. People work to earn money. That is right, but they only love to work when they can see the positive impact their work has. And only if they love to work can they bring their best. Only then will they risk to show up fully and dare to make mistakes in trying something new. They feel engaged when they experience that they can grow themselves and others. They go beyond their comfort zone when they feel part of a team and work in true collaboration.

If people feel stuck, see no way to grow, or if trust and respect are missing, they will leave. 

True leadership means to care about the person you lead. To increase performance is not about pushing harder or increasing fear, but instead creating an environment where everyone flourishes and forces are aligned with a common goal in mind. 

I define meaningful success differently: 

Success = Growth. Success = Ability to be the person I want to be. Success = Creating positive impact and making a difference. Success = Ability to give back. Success = Living an inspired and connected life.

Your Results

Lead connected - inside and outside

Build your network of supporters and unravel your true power

  • Inside:
    Experience how it feels to unravel what is already there - your best self. Your inner wisdom that stays no matter the outside circumstances. This is your inner north-star in times of uncertainty
  • Outside: 
    Use the power of inter-connection with others to build long-lasting relationships.  Co-create and enjoy success together
  • Empowered: 
    Enjoy inner clarity and self-confidence to make  courageous decisions. 
    Stay ahead and agile in times of change 


Create an environment of possibilities and joined forces

Utilize change as opportunity and align your forces

  • Trust:
    Establish core values for working together:  Showing respect, listen to understand and seek to help and interact openly and with honesty
  • Meaning:
    Know what is the bigger WHY for you, your team and the company. Define what is needed that all three are supporting each other
  • Vision: 
    Ensure that the common vision is tangible, alive and well known
  • Alignment: 
    Create an environment where all forces are bundled and pointing in the same direction - supporting true collaboration
Develop the best in yourself and others 

Be at your best by being yourself

  • Dare to be you: 
    Show up human - accepting your vulnerability and failures and enable others do the same
  • Help others excel: 
    Thrive when you help people around you excel  
  • Make Self-care a priority:
    Cherish the vehicle that enables you to take action on what is important 
  • Release what is holding you back: 
    Let go of limiting thought patterns and behaviors to receive what you envision



Create your team and increase your impact

Lead with earned authority - not through hierarchy

  • Communicate to connect:
    Words we say to ourselves and others are extremely powerful. Manage emotions, listen to understand, clarify assumptions are just a few ways to empower your communication. 
  • Create your team: 
    In your team is who can help you achieve your mission. Creating your team organically requires earning your influence and authority.
  • Co-create with clarity and focus:
    Use your intention to bundle your strengths with a laser focus on a common direction
  • Listen to understand:
    Be generously interested in how you can be of service for the ones you lead.



Find out more how I work

Meet Nicola

To support organizations in effectivly taking the next step I combine my corporate experience with my entrepreneurial mindset.

After many years abroad in Asia, America and Europe I did return to the city of my origin – Munich. The time abroad has taught me an open and international mind-set. And most importantly to focus on possibilities and see opportunities in change.

As Transformational Leadership Coach I support international oriented companies to combine both: growing their company and at the same time unleashing and developing the true potential of each individual.

My personal passion is to ignite that spark that shows the true capacity of the leader and to inspire more meaning and humaneness into the workplace.