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TEAM 1: We-Focused - Inspired and Aligned

Have you ever worked together in a team, where everyone enjoys the team-spirit and is excited about the potential impact the team is envisioning together? This inspiration and excitement is so contagious that everyone performs beyond their individual capacity. Each one of you is willing to ask for help and trust is predominant. Communication between teammates is honest and direct. Everyone is feeling connected with a higher purpose that is pulling you. There is joy and fun in the meetings. You feel success that has meaning for each of you. You are powerful as all actions are aligned toward the commonly agreed vision.


TEAM 2: Me-Focused - Under Pressure and Alone

Or think of a team under enormous pressure, where everyone wants to prove to be the best. To be right, to have your say and be listened to (not to listen). Fear of failure and politics are omnipresent. Honest communication and feedback in order to improve together is rare and feedback is given top down and critical. The individual advantage comes before the team advancement. This in not only out of self-protection, but also because no-one ever took the time to agree on a common direction. When communicating assumptions were made, but not verified.


We help you become TEAM 1 again! 



The future lays in
"Cross-Functional WE-Teams" 

"Nothing gets done in a single silo function anymore. Constant collaboration is at a new premium, because the big things are always led by cross-functional teams. We need people driven by purpose, passion, and persistence, not position or job title. We need people who will seek out the right solution and then figure out how to get a team together to build it. It's no longer about hiring great talent. It's about hiring talent that will make the team great. "

Brian Cornell CEO, Target

Source: Keith Ferrazzi "leading without authority"

Our Approach:

WE-TEAMS - Co-elevate


No individual leader can bring the results that could be achieved as an aligned team. In teams strong individual talent comes together. But that does not automatically mean that everyone is working together as a great team and treats each other with respect and appreciation. If efforts are not aligned no focused action is possible and the full potential gets lost. We help you make your team a WE-Team.

The starting point is always to connect each individual leader with their unique power - our INSPIRED CONNECTED LEADERSHIP approach. In TEAM Coaching we take it one step further and align those individual powers in one direction. We believe change has to be shown and lived by each team member. With the mindset "I am ok-You are ok" and the willingness to to help each other become better together (co-elevate) all energy in the team is focused on rising together in one direction. The true potential of every team member is needed and brought forward to serve a common mission. In this context the team is no longer limited to the hierarchical team, but includes everyone who can bring the mission of the team forward. This can be a client, a person from another department, or even a different organisation. Each individual then has the ability to support the common goals of the team and make his/her individual contribution to the success of the company. This leads to a higher commitment to embrace diverse opinions, create richer collaboration, give candid feedback and communicate with transparency to serve mutual growth and development.

To make the change measurable and relevant to your organisation for the biggest positive impact, we always start with an assessment of your current situation. Then we know where to start. This is our way to ensure that your time and energy is focused on the area with with greatest positive impact and connected to what is relevant for you.



To follow our philosophy that a team can achieve more, we also love to work as a team.

Our foundation for everything we do stays our INSPIRED CONNECTED LEADERSHIP approach. We believe true leadership always starts with personal leadership - developing the best in yourself first and connect with your own power. Only then can you successfully lead others or become a valuable part of a team.

Depending on your core focus we then add flavor to our sauce.


We help you live the skill of Co-elevation across your team and organization. With a mindset of serve, share and care there is a new commitment in the team to help each other grow better and stay committed to the common mission. With tools like the iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram for TEAMS or the TEAM Human Synergistics Leadership Style Assessments we support you to identify the most important factor that we start to change.

To find out more get in contact and we design the way forward together.

Behavioral Change:

This approach is for successful leaders who limit their potential through disruptive team behavior. To work in alignment on a common goal Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered TEAM Coaching is ideal to involve the people that matter to your success (your stakeholders) in behavioral change.

Behavioral change does not happen overnight, that is why this is a commitment over 6 month to a year with focus on individual behavioral changes and behavioral changes as a team.

To find out more about this approach click on the logo.


Where to start to become the TEAM 1 again?


The following questions can help you identify potential starting points for our work together:

  • Unclear where to start?
    • Start with your current situation - what works and what does not work?
    • What are set limitations and pre-conditions you set for the team?
    • Where are you in the life cycle of your company? Or are you in a transition with your company? From start-up to settled enterprise or from a riper business back to reinvention mode? What is the impact on the team?
    • How are you working together?
  • What is your common direction and is it clear to everyone?
    • Is everyone in the same boat on the common direction for the team and company?
    • What is the next bold move to secure future success ?
    • Where does the company need to grow?
    • What new things have to start?
    • What do you have in place to master the increasing pace of change?
    • How is your common direction communicated?
    • Is everyone enabled to support the higher vision and purpose of the company?
    • Are the team members able to find meaning in their job and develop their full impact?
  • How much WE or ME?
    • Do you have clear defined ground rules for working together like respect, trust and support?
    • How connected are people working together?
    • How much do you work in collaborative teams? How much do informal teams form to reach a common goal?
    • Are people working together for the benefit of all or is being “right” and proofing individual excellence most important?
    • Are you aware what works best for you in working better together and where do you want to improve?
    • How is the performance of each individual and the team - are they supporting each other to step into their full potential?
    • How are you dealing with the increased digital interaction - is it threatening the personal connection - especially in newly formed teams?
  • Do you bring the rubber on the road and make things happen?
    • Is the company clear on what the next essential steps are and why?
    • Are all actions aligned pointing towards one direction or do you diffuse your team power?
    • Are people taking responsibility and making courageous decision?
    • Are you effective- focusing on the right things with the biggest positive impact? 
    • What is holding people back? Do they enjoy working and giving their best?
    • What is ineffective and has to stop?
    • How agile is the team, how adaptable and how much does it enable innovation and thinking out of the box?
  • What is your Critical Process?
    • Are you aware of your critical processes - that process that sets you apart or is keeping you from succeeding?
    • How is your flow of communication and information? How are decisions made?
    • Where do you work in silos and where is collaboration in place?
    • Where lays your key advantage in comparison to your competitors?
    • How much is progress measured?
    • Is feedback used to grow together? 
  • Do you have a Learning Culture of Trust?
    • What culture is present – one of command and control or one of leadership responsibility where the leader is a facilitator to develop the best in everyone?
    • Is authority earned or something installed by hierarchy?
    • Is it a culture of openness and vulnerability or one of being right and having to proof excellence?
    • Is fear or trust omnipresent? If trust is missing are you loosing high potentials? How much is that costing you?
    • Do you have clear behavioral values in place of how people work together? Is it respect, listening and helping each other?
  • Are you resilient to handle setbacks? 
    • How well is the team and organisation handling setbacks?
    • How do you handle failure? Is the company culture following a growth mindset where failure is a form of feedback to know where to improve? 
    • Is the organisation “caring”? Can each individual safely dare to stretch and be themselves?
  • What are your principles of working together? 
    • Have defined clear principles how you expect people to work together?
    • What behavior is expected from everyone in the company?
    • What is done if that is ignored by an individual leader? Is that ok if the leader is showing results?

Together we define the areas with the biggest positive impact for you and the company. We facilitate the change with the team and guide the process of embodying the change.